Lady Di's feedback on her readings has been 100% positive to date, something that is usually unheard of.
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Lady Di is a spiritually gifted minister and natural born psychic medium with an extremely high level of accuracy. She was blessed with spiritual gifts from God at a young age and a near death experience amplified those gifts. later in life she became ill with a disease that left her turning to God more and increasing this connection to God amplified her gifts more. She does not use any form of divination, as she receives her messages directly from spirit. She guarantees you will be comforted by and assured of her connection as she provides loving insight under God's guidance. During your reading, she will answer your questions and The Holy Spirit will then guide her to provide you with the most pertinent information that you need in your life at this time. You will feel your soul being uplifted and enlightened with God's presence as Lady Di performs her amazing readings. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, a medical intuit, and aura reader. She also uses psychometry and remote viewing when necessary.

She is able to speak with God (yes, God!) Speaking with God and hearing His voice is not as difficult as many believe it is. Lady Di teaches this communication through prayer, meditations, and other methods, and firmly believes anyone is capable of hearing Gods voice. She asserts that many people do hear His voice through prayer but it is so subtle that they do not realize it is His voice they are hearing. She also communicates with spirit guides, angels, crossed over as well as earth bound spirits, and many other spirits. Mother Mary visits her upon healing sessions and saints have come to her to teach her the ways of spirit.

She attributes all her spiritual gifts to God and gives thanks on a daily basis. She has devoted her life to following God's path for her and, with his daily guidance, brings comfort, guidance, insight and love to all she can. You will leave her sessions feeling uplifted and enlightened with a inspired sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Services she offers include:

Aura, psychic, and mediumship readings.

Medical intuitive readings and advice. For Free Medical Intuitive Readings please post on Lady Di's Facebook Page.

Animal Communication.

Help with missing persons, homicides and crimes. For more info in this area contact Lady Di.

Help with spiritual warfare. Please read this information before contacting me for help.

Teaches classes and workshops to teach others how to build their connection to the divine and use their intuition.

Other things Lady Di offers as she has time, is spiritual and life counseling, grief counseling and proof of the afterlife.

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